Climate Impact Company is a meteorological consulting company specializing in medium-range (6-10/11-15 day), extended-range (Week-3 to Week-6), and seasonal (3-month intervals extending to one year) forecasts for energy and agriculture. Climate Impact Company also provides analysis and forecasts of leading modes of climate variability including the El Nino Southern Oscillation.

Medium-range forecasts are provided for one simple reason: pattern change. Meteorological operational forecast model capability and expectations of risk managers and traders within the energy and agriculture market(s) agree that pattern change (cold-to-warm, dry-to-wet, etc.) is identifiable in the 6-10/11-15 day period. Climate Impact Company provides these forecasts.

Reliability of intra-seasonal forecasts for 3 to 6 weeks ahead also has reasonable forecast skill. Climate Impact Company projects pattern change in this time scale based on intra-seasonal tropical oscillations, the macro-scale climate pattern (ENSO, PDO, etc.) and lead-in based on trends in operational (model) ensembles.

Climate Impact Company specializes in climate forecasts extending to one year including specialization for drought risk and tropical cyclone activity.

Climate Impact Company provides verification of all forecasts.
Located in the cranberry country of interior southeast Massachusetts, Climate Impact Company began in May 2004 as a start-up and has grown to provide weather and climate forecasts for many large domESTic and international energy and agriculture-based companies. Climate Impact Company also consults with many of industries top operational meteorologists.

Climate Impact Company's owner and lead forecaster is Scott Yuknis, a veteran of nearly 3 decades of meteorological and oceanographic analysis and forecasting with the U.S. Navy and private sector meteorology. Scott's specialization is prediction of weather within climate as applied to energy and agriculture business requirements.


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